After the recent release of Final Fantasy XIV, the MMORPG world could not contain their excitement; it was more like the 14th version was the most awaited thing. But looking at the game’s quality and recent expansions, these are sure things to get excited about.

Heavensward, Shadowbringers, and Stormblood, with a rumor about Endwalker coming soon, are inarguably the reason for increasing gamers in Fantasy 14. This is in addition to the game’s revamped combat system since, unfortunately, its quality alone can’t make it to pull the thousands of gamers currently participating in it globally.

However, the entire game setup is worth appreciating its developers’ outstanding work. Matching the latest trends in technology, they keep upgrading their servers to meet the customers’ needs and preferences, and that’s why you may never encounter network hitches as seen in other games, even with millions of gamers on the game’s servers.

But have you thought about the new world of in-game purchases? Most of today’s games, including final fantasy 14, need a constant supply of in-game coins that help maintain a smooth gameplay. However, the girl in the game runs out, and you may need to go over several levels, which will only need additional Gil. It’s then that you discover you need Final Fantasy XIV Gil can be found at the iGVault.

Here is what you did not know about Final Fantasy XIV Gil

What is Gil in the first instance?

Gil is the currency of the fictional land of Eorzea, which acts as the foundation of all legal trade in FFXIV, just like the British Pound.

Best Methods to Make FFXIV Gold

The process of making FFXIV Gil involves the following;


Doing regular quests lets you level your character and get valuable loot by obtaining FFXIV titles. Players also can find various main scenario quests by looking for NPCs, with the main scenario icon over their head. Questing is super fun; it is easy and quick to earn Gil.


This method involves creating gear, items, materials, and consumables that are needed to tackle the game in the easiest way possible. The disciple classes are divided into a disciple of the Land that has different ways of how to earn FFXIV Gil.


These are slightly different from regular quests because, with the levequests, you can perform their tasks repeatedly as long as you have the allowances. On the other side, regular quests are only handled once per character.

So, you can easily acquire fast coins trading on virtual transactions with third-party holders. However, with the increasing level of cybercrimes, it is good to be cautious to avoid being scammed.

So you need to be aware of whom or where you are getting your gil from. But to save you from the hassle of trying to figure out a legit vendor, iGvault is all you need. The platform is safe and with a guaranteed return policy for your funds if they delay to delivery; which hardly happens. So with various options on iGvault, you can get the best services. Therefore, do not hesitate to engage on this online platform for all your FFXIV Gil needs.

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