The precision connection required by electronics products like smartphones, communicators, automobiles, medical equipment, aerospace components, and so on is best served using pogo pins. Being a very fine probe, a Pogo pin can make a precision connector extremely lightweight, compact, and aesthetically pleasing.

This article will discuss the various types of pogo pin connectors and their respective applications.

SMT Spring Pogo Pins

Surface mount technology of pogo PCB is also known as SMT pogo pins. SMT pogo pins are combined using reflow soldering and other techniques to create a pogo PCB circuit assembly technology. The needle tube of high-stability SMT pogo pins is designed to be flat, making it simple to weld the pins to PCBs.

SMT pogo pins have a number of benefits, including a reduced rate of solder joint defects, a higher assembly density, smaller electronic product sizes, less weight, and greater resistance to vibration. Pogo pin’s high-frequency communication technology can also lessen the negative effects of electromagnetic and radio frequency (RF) interference.

SMD Pogo Pins

A technique known as surface-mount technology (SMT) is used to mount electronic components directly onto a printed circuit board’s (PCB) surface. Surface-mount device (SMD) is the term for an electrical component installed in this way. Installation of surface-mount device (SMD) pogo pins on the PCB’s edge provides both a mechanical and electrical connection for the connector. Simply put, Pogo Pin SMD transmits current by way of the side needle tube and needle’s head.

Through Hole/Dip Type

DIP Threaded pogo pins are an innovative form of pogo pins that can be switched out in a jiffy. Surface thread turning is an alternative to conventional welding that eliminates the need for a spring needle. That’s why it’s so easy to use, and to replace the spring needle, just turn it to tighten before use and unscrew it to remove it before installing a new one.

Right Angle Pogo Pin

Incredibly well suited for devices on DIN rails, professional custom 90°spring loaded PCB mount pogo pins and Right Angle Pogo Pins can be installed vertically with PCB. PCB mount pogo pin right angle outlets are particularly versatile because of their angled connection.

Double-Sided Pogo Pins

The idea behind double-sided pogo pins is to add a small head to a standard single-pin antenna thimble linker to make it work on both sides and move more current. Pogo pin connectors with a high current connection, a long life cycle, low impedance, and resistance to corrosion have been manufactured for 18 years. And the Double-Sided Pogo Pins not only keep the environment clean and save energy but also make it easier to connect.

Other types of Pogo pin connectors not discussed in this post are rolling pogo pins, solder cup pogo pins, and threaded pogo pins. These pogo pin connectors are as versatile and flexible as the abovementioned types. If you want to know more about the types of pogo pin connectors, visit the official website of QH Industrial.

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