Smartphones are a source of entertainment, enjoyment, and education for people all over the world.

It is a bare necessity to have your phone on you, or else you wouldn’t be human anymore. We rely on them for everything from staying in touch with our friends to ordering take-out.

No doubt that phones are a great invention. They have uncountable benefits.

But the ill-effects almost match (sometimes surpass) these so-called advantages.

How does the smartphone affect your health?

1.    Eyestrain

It goes without saying that looking at phones constant really messes with our eyes. Most of us have actually experienced it countless times. You feel pain at the back end of your eyes, and continuous screen-looking affects your eye-sight. All this may even damage the cornea and impact vision.

Try to avoid looking at screens at longer intervals. This would reduce the chances of eye stress and fatigue.

2.    Weight gain

Weight gain and excessive smartphone usage go hand in hand.

People use their phones during meal times, which imbalances the nutrients in their bodies, leading to fat increment.

And the blue light-emitting out of your phone screens interferes with sleep patterns. These sleep disruptions are strongly linked with diabetes and obesity.

So go on, keep using your phones if you want to get fat!

3.    Brain structure change

Yes, guys. Using your phones to an extreme limit also affects the structuring of your brain.

•    Shortened Attention Span

People who are heavy multi-screeners report a serious reduction in their attention span levels. They couldn’t concentrate or focus well. This, in turn, affects a person’s intelligence level too.

•    Memory relapses

Because cellphone usage affects the basic structure of the brain, it also leads to a reduction in memory retention. People forget things easily and can’t keep track of their past activities.

4.    Smartphone addiction

Addiction to anything is always harmful. Smartphone addiction should also be something to beware. In this, the people want their phones around them, with them all the time (here’s looking at you). Even a moment without it leads them to a panic mode.

And if they are told to get rid of their prized possession, they experience withdrawal symptoms.

5.    Sudden body aches

•    Tech neck

This is the most common pain that people experience. Constantly looking down at phone screens all day leads to an immense amount of pressure on the neck and spine of a person.

•    Texting thumbs

A very funny name but a very real disease too. Excessive texting on the phone leads to a case of trigger thumb. In this, the thumb gets stuck in a bent position, and it hurts when you try to straighten it.

•    Back pain

This is something almost the entire youth of the world has. Looking down, not sleeping well, not eating well, and some other reasons make up this pain.

6.    Impaired sleep

Does this even need to be said? All of us have a pretty clear idea about how using our phones till late at night is making our sleep patterns go haywire. You are constantly listening to those notifications and alerts, that blue light emission affects your brain activity while sleeping, and your mind doesn’t stop working even while you’re asleep.

So people, those funny YouTube videos and going through the Instagram feed can wait until the next day.

7.    Mental health

Anyone who thinks mental health is not as important as physical health should not be allowed to share her/his opinions. It is a serious matter.

•    Anxiety

Anxiety has become a trending term these past few years. Social anxiety is the one that most people have. JOMO, always staying indoors and fear of talking to people are some of its symptoms.

And all of this is caused by none other than our beloved smartphones and social media.

•    Depression

In addition to making us anxious, phones also make us feel lonely, excluded, and sad. They take a hit on the self-esteem of people (social media!), and these people start comparing their lives with others.

After that, depression is the only by-product.

8.    Emotional Health

Excessive smartphone usage and social media addiction are also affecting the emotional wellbeing of people. Many people are using their phones as a coping mechanism to suppress their negative emotions. This leads to intimacy issues with self and others.

Youth, especially teenagers, seem to have lost social bonds with others. They are missing out on in-person interactions and meaningful connections with people around them.

This, in turn, is making them less empathetic about the feeling and emotions of others as well as theirs.

How to protect yourself from these issues?

The answer is pretty simple. All you have to do is raise your neck, switch off your phone, keep it aside and let it be there for a while. Don’t always turn to your phones whenever you feel bored; go do some recreational activities. Find the triggers that make you turn to technology and fight them.

And always remember one thing. A smartphone is just a part of your life, not your entire life.

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