IoT devices are used in the decentralized, low-power helium network to send and receive data to and from the internet. It is intended to supply wireless connectivity to the Internet of Things (IoT) devices. This is achieved by helium mining antennas. Independent providers in the Helium network can send and receive data and geo-locate themselves without the help of monopolist coordinators through helium mining antenna. Therefore, without the use of costly cellular plans or satellite location hardware that uses a lot of power, helium mining antennas provide wireless internet connection.

A wireless Internet of Things (IoT) network can be set up using a special, portable radio router called a hotspot. Read on to know more about the helium mining antennas and their features. Later on, in this article, you will also get to know where you can buy and set up your own helium antenna.

Features Of A Helium Mining Antenna

A helium mining antenna is a low power source of Internet connection. Hop on to the following points to know more about its features.

1. Appearance Details

Helium antennas have a typical N female connector which will provide you access to the network by connecting you to the Internet. You must have noticed a long and thin bar like looking antennas on top of houses or buildings. These antennas are the helium mining antennas and they look like a thin rode, have a compact design, and are easily installed.

Although there are a number of helium mining antennas for you to choose from, they all look a little bit similar with slight variations. These helium mining antennas are smart and efficient as they do not look heavy duty yet provide a very strong Internet connection.

2. Helium Miner Antenna Range Details

There are a number of helium mining antenna types and they differ in the frequency range. While some operate at 800 to 900 MHz frequency bands suitable for a congested area or a house, there are some helium mining antennas that operate at frequency bands beyond 900 MHz, therefore, being perfectly suitable for outdoor set-up.

If we talk about the quality of the Internet connection provided by these helium mining antennas, it is safe to say that they can provide you with a strong high quality connection to the Internet and can assist in fast and good quality downloads.

3. Longevity Details

If we talk about the longevity or the life of a helium mining antenna, we can say that these are quite durable and tough and are made up of high quality materials which will provide you with a no breakage experience and these are easily installed indoors as well as outdoor. These helium mining antennas are wallet friendly and have a wide frequency coverage while being durable, therefore, providing you with the perfect solution for a strong Internet connection.

Where To Buy A Helium Miner Antenna?


Tesswave is a Chinese based network antenna manufacturer company that provides innovative and industry-leading antennas for global customers. If you are looking for a high performance Wi-Fi antenna, then Tesswave is the perfect destination for you as it provides cost effective Wi-Fi antennas for indoor and outdoor setups. While providing you with a range of high quality products, Tesswave guarantees good performance and longevity of helium mining antennas.


To conclude the article, it is safe to say that Tesswave is one of the most famous wireless antenna designers, manufacturers, and solution providers located in China. It provides high quality products all over the globe. While providing you with superior service, Tesswave delivers your products in the shortest shipping time!

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