Do you give your garage door a tune-up as part of your spring cleaning routine? It really should. After being subjected to the ice and snow for several months, a little bit of maintenance can go a long way toward repairing the damage caused by winter.

Keep your garage door in peak operating condition throughout the year by performing routine maintenance.

Keep in mind that the easiest and safest way to deal with your garage door maintenance is to call garage door springs calgary experts. These individuals were trained and experts in working with garage door torsion springs. If you feel you are skilled enough to maintain your garage door on your own, then you can consider following the guide below. But, make sure you have the proper tools and gear before you start.

Check the Working Order of Your Garage Door

Take a position within the confines of your garage with the doors shut. The next step is to thoroughly inspect the rollers, springs, and cables for any signs of wear and tear. This includes looking for frayed cables, loose hardware, and broken springs.

In addition to this, depending on the material that your garage door is made of, you will want to check for wear across the entirety of the door’s surface. If your door is made of wood, look for signs of water damage around the door’s trim work and the bottom of the door, as these are the two areas that are most susceptible to damage from moisture. For steel garage doors, keep an eye out for rust spots.

Contact a garage door professional to schedule an inspection of your garage door system as soon as possible if you discover any signs of wear or damage to it.

Examine and Replace Any Worn Out Seals

Check to see if there are any spaces between the rubber seals on your garage doors and the floor of your garage while you are still inside your garage with the doors closed. If you see any light peeping through, it’s possible that the seal is broken and allowing moisture, debris, and cold air to enter.

If you suspect that the seal has a gap or break in it, you should get in touch with the professionals so that they can assist you in determining the best course of action.

Adjust All of the Screws and Nuts

Over time, the hardware on a garage door can become loose, which can cause the door to shake, open unevenly, or even refuse to open at all. To maintain the smooth operation of your garage door, use a socket wrench to retighten all of the hardware located on the door and the track.

Tighten the Nuts and Bolts

There are many reasons why a garage door may rattle, open unevenly, or not open at all. Keep your garage door running smoothly by using a socket wrench to retighten all doors and track hardware.

Apply Lubricant to the Moving Components

Your garage door’s moving parts, including hinges, rollers, and springs, should be lubricated at least once a month to keep them in peak condition and extend the life of your system. Spray the parts with a silicone spray or white lithium grease and wipe off any excess lubricant to avoid dripping onto your vehicle or the garage floor.

Perform a Track Inspection and Cleanup

The performance of a garage door can be negatively affected if the tracks are clogged with dirt or debris. The door will not open or close if the rollers cannot move along the track. Clean the tracks with a rag and soapy water, taking care to remove any large debris. To prevent dust buildup, thoroughly dry the system before applying lubricant to the track.

End Thoughts

Your garage door will last longer and work better if you do these simple maintenance tasks. Get more advice on how to take care of your garage door from the experts.

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