Investment casting is a process in which molten metal is mold into a wax pattern to produce intricate parts. The investment casting companies manufacture a wide variety of products. They deal with the precise casting of different components like turbine blades, sanitary valves, firearm parts, hex bushings, etc. You must consider the following points before hiring an investment casting company for your desired product.

Experienced and renowned company:

Some companies provide their services with the expertise of 60 to 70 years. It is easy to track their record and find the reliability of their work. It is better to prioritize an experienced company over a newly established investment casting company. Even if they cost you more, they will ensure the quality of their products. You should not trust the newly established companies without proper research and reviews.

Good customer support service:

Good customer support service is one of the most significant factors that you must consider before hiring a casting company. You can check the customer reviews on their website. You can also contact one or two of their buyers to get the details of their service. If they satisfy the answers to the following questions, you are at the right place.

  • Do they respond quickly?
  • Do they understand your concerns and satisfy your queries?
  • Do they meet the delivery dates?
  • Do they replace or fix the product if it gets non-functional before the warranty time?

You can never compromise on good customer support service. It saves your time and energy that can be wasted in dealing with poor customer service.

Quality of their products:

Your ultimate goal is to find an investment casting company that provides high-quality products. A good investment casting company keeps good quality control. They produce functional and durable castings in the first attempts. Also, they have a shorter lead time which results in faster production of castings. They mostly use ceramic molds which provide smooth surfaces with dimensional accuracy. They also provide flexibility by changing the magnetism, tensile strength, and durability of the castings. In this way, they maintain the quality and integrity of their products.

Material variety:

A variety of materials is used for the process of investment casting. A good investment casting company offers you a wide variety of metals like stainless steel, aluminum, carbon steel, bronze, etc.

Are they innovative and take custom orders?

The investment casting process is mostly used for the castings that are small, light, and weigh less than 20 pounds. But now some companies provide castings that weigh up to more than 50 pounds. This process is also used to make custom parts for heavy automobiles, weapons, and the aerospace industry. A good investment casting company will thoroughly guide you to the procedure that will execute your custom idea.


If you require any metal parts for your house or industry, you must hire a reliable investment casting company. A little internet surfing can save from the wrong investment casting company which may provide flimsy and short-lived metal components.

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